Saturday, July 4, 2009

Alcicorne California - This fern has nice medium-wide reclining fertile fronds - It is not Vassei (African) or Madagascar.

The first Alcicorne California I purchased was from Paul Isley in July 2005. I received another from Tony Barrett in June of 2006. Tony's ID Tag shows that he bought his from Charles de France in 2/95. In a conversation with Charles, he said that he has had his sire for over 23 years.

Miles Goodman was kind enough to forward me this history of the name "Alcicorne", please read below

At one time, Alcicorne was used to describe the plant known as “elk horn” or “antler “ fern. These plants from Australia and South Eastern Asia are known by the botanical name Bifurcatum. Common usage persists and the names were used interchangeably. California collectors often label this plant “Alcicorne.”

More recently, an unusual platycerium, was discovered and collected. This species imported from Madagascar was called Vassie. Today, they are also called ALCICORNE. (Vassie, continues as an alternative name.)

Roy Vail, author of Playcerium Hobbyist's Handbook encourages collectors to reserve the name Alcicorne for plants from Madagascar and South Eastern Africa and Bifurcatum for the Australian and common staghorn.

Popular use continues to call the Staghorn Bifurcatum, “Elkhorn”. To distinguish this group from the distinctive Madagascar staghorn, many collectors call this particular Bifurcatum, the Calfornia Alcicorne.